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LIVE Variety Music Show!
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The Cooties are much more than a band. We're a live variety music show! We combine a top-40 classic hits live band, with MC services, DJ and Karaoke Services, event sound, guest stars and more. We mix and match these features to keep your event exciting and to keep your guests involved.

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The Cooties Are...


Bryan Wild

Lead Guitar - Keys - Vocals

Wild Man

Equally comfortable playing keyboards, Wild Man really shines as lead guitar and harmony vocalist for the Cooties. His inventive and adaptive riffs make smooth work of every cut.

Decades of stage experience, an uncanny ear for tone, and a deep natural talent lend a cool authority to Bryan's axe playing. It's a real treat watching and listening to the Wild Man at work!


Kevin McGee



Known throughout the gulf coast as a top quality technical journeyman drummer for large stage acts, Kevin is also equally comfortable playing improvisational pick up jam sessions in virtually any genre.

At his core is a true love of Blues Rock, with its shifting emotional messages embedded in soulful yet punchy high-impact cuts. He has covered literally thousands of songs across multiple genres, but always returns to the blues and rock legends of the 70's & 80's.

Technically proficient and rhythmically precise: It's a rare combination, and McGee shines on both fronts; stitching each number together from a solid foundation beat, with plenty left over for playful and creative side-chain riffs that wow the house... every time.

Mike Tacker in Greyscale

Mike Tacker

Bass Guitar - Vocals


Tacker brings 4 decades of musical experience to the bass lines of the Cooties.

He always wanted to be a guitarist starting out but picked up bass skills to fill the shortage of bass players in his local area. Luckily for us, he took on that role and never looked back. 

Widely known as one of the top bass players in the region, Tacker's musical background and true love has always been and will be ROCK, so he endeavors to incorporate that style in every song in some fashion.

He thrives on live playing and loves the visuals of live shows from staging to lights, smoke, fire, outfits, hair etc. growing up in the 60's & 70's definitely groomed him in the style that audiences appreciate.

Dwayne Coots on Vocals

Dwayne Coots

Lead Vocals - Keys - Harps - Guitar


Cutting his musical teeth fronting and sitting in with acts in Seattle, Los Angeles, and his beloved home grounds of Southwest Louisiana, Coots really lives for the show.

This fool is so comfortable on stage, he usually grabs a nap in the cable-runs before the show.

Coots pulls frontman and keyboard duty with the Cooties, as well as bonus work on acoustic guitar, blues harmonica, and of course, cowbell. 

Needs More Cowbell!!!

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In Loving Memory of

Randy "Carlos Montana" Stewart

He lived it like he wanted, and rode off into the sunset with no regrets.

Rock on brother. We miss you every day.

Randy Carlos Montana Stewart
Cooties Header Logo

LIVE Variety Music Show!
Click to Book: 337-205-3666


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